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Arbutin Even Tone Cleanser 100g



  • Gentle cleansing foam.
  • Helps to clean the skin deeply and thoroughly.
  • Reduces oiliness, prevents acne and makes the skin clearer.
  • Soft foam texture.

- Even Out Skin
- softens skin texture
- removes dirt from pores
- shrinks pores
- reduces excess oil on the face
- removes dirt from the deepest layer of skin
- removes residual cosmetic dirt on face
- fades dark spots and acne scars

Gentle cleansing foam. Helps to clean the skin deeply, thoroughly, reduce oiliness, prevent acne, make the skin clear, easy to wash, and does not leave residue.
- Soft foam texture Gentle cleaning.
- Removes dirt and makeup effectively.

How to use:
Squeeze foam onto palm and rub into lather. Apply on wet face, massage gently and rinse with clean water.