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Dark knuckles causes.

Dark knuckles causes.

Dark knuckles are a quite common skin condition that generally affects the hands. Among the common causes of dark knuckles are genes, the use of certain drugs such as corticosteroids and oral contraceptives, and a few underlying conditions. A few home remedies can help remove dark knuckles in one week. Dark knuckles is not always caused by bleaching products.


Knuckles undergo constant friction and are one of the skin’s most exposed areas. Knuckle hyperpigmentation may result from several external and internal factors.

  • Genetic causes: Melanin, the pigment that gives your skin its natural color, is usually produced excessively. In some cases, the darker pigmentation on your knuckles may be inherited.
  • Vitamin deficiency: Dark knuckles are also linked to nutritional deficiencies. A 2016 case study revealed vitamin B deficiency as the cause of dark knuckles. 
  • Acanthosis nigricans (AN): A skin condition usually affects the hands, knees, or groin. It causes the darkening of the skin near the knuckles and is a common cause of dark knuckles in obese patients.
  • Diabetes: High blood sugar levels can also cause the darkening of the skin at the knuckles.


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